Phase Change Materials

thermal phase change - heat absorption or heat emission

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PCM is a microcapsule containing the thermal phase change materials. The external environment temperature changes cause the material inside the microcapsule to change phase and heat absorption or heat emission occurs.

How phase change materials pigment works

phase change materials operation

Phase change pigment capsule selection guide line


Solvent based Type

Water based Type

Slurry Type



Powder Type



Business industry areas where the PCM capsule can apply

PCM ( phase change materials ), phase change fabric, phase change cooling material , pcm fabric, PCM Products, thermal phase change applications


Functional textile


Precautions when using the phase change material capsules

Solvent resistance

If you use with MEK, Toluene, Alcohol, etc.,
Please be sure to observe the working time.(For powder)
Liquid type slurries must be used only for aqueous applications.

Heat resistance

Please observe the use within 10 minutes at maximum 200 ℃


PCM capsule is a capsule of micro units.
Therefore, beads dispersed when dispersing, or agitation of sharp impellers such as dissolver type may cause the capsules to break.

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