hydrochromic ink

humidity indicator ink

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Water color change ink is irreversibly changing
with the water or the moisture Ink. Ordinally Hydrochromic ink has yellow color,
and it changes to the blue color when it is wet.
There is no color bleeding.

hydrochromic ink
humidity diaper ink


water color change ink


water color change ink pigment seletion guide line


Solvent based Type

Water based Type

Slurry Type



Color table of humidity indicator ink

Hydrochromic color change ink is a pigment that typically changes reversibly when the temperature change is heated or cooled.
hydrochromic diaper ink can be use for the diaper as the indicator of humidity, color change by baby’s urine or any water type liquid.
When it gets web, the color of diaper is change for indicating the humidity.

Normal Type

water activated ink

Normal type

Dual Type

hydrochromic color change ink

Dual type
The color change when it is wet

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